Our recovery programme exists to encourage patients to live free, independent lives without the restrictions of rehabilitation.

Fenton House Addiction Recovery Programme

Extended Medical Detox

Whether you or a loved one have come from another rehab facility or starting out at Fenton House, our team of specialists can continue to support the needs of the patient via medication if required. Medical detox is always safer at a facility where medication will remain in the control of our clinical professionals.

Personalised Plan

Being experts in addiction, we understand that every individual is different and getting to the root cause of a problem helps build the framework of the programme. Clients will take part in the 12 step programme but will be encouraged to partake in activities that go beyond the course of therapy. We provide support in areas such as Housing, relationship building and returning to work.

Dual Diagnosis

There is likely to be a complicated relationship between the type of substance being abused and an existing mental health condition. We take this into account and help the client deal with both. This is part of our Ethos, which encourages healing of the body, spirit and mind.

Therapeutic Models

Within the framework of the 12 step programme we utilise a number of therapeutic models which include fitness programmes, psycho-social intervention (cognitive Behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and trauma therapy), as well as mindfulness meditation to reinforce acceptance.

Food & Nutrition

At Fenton House, our clients are actively encouraged to prepare and cook nutritious meals that support a healthy lifestyle. Our Chef’s will provide simple meal plans by which our clients follow. This is just one of the many ways we actively encourage a healthier lifestyle beyond the treatment programme, by encouraging those to learn new life skills they can utilise when returning to normal day life.

Beyond the programme

Recovery does not end at Fenton House, our free 12 month aftercare programme was set up to mitigate risk associated with relapse. It also allows our clients to continue group sessions and actively encourage one another to maintain sobriety. Furthermore, clients and their families will have access to our Family Programme designed to repair damaged relationships as a result of addiction.

A full breakdown of our programme can be found below.

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Call Now 0203 553 0618

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The price of not getting help

Addiction is a devastating illness which ruins lives. Why spend another day battling addiction? Call us now to begin the road to recovery today!

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Call Now 0203 553 0618

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Fenton House help
Therapy types at Fenton House

We work in a holistic way here and we offer multiple models to try and get clients involved and working on their own recovery.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is the process by which you will work closely with a therapist or counsellor to address the issues that caused your illness.

Group therapy

When you receive counselling in a group setting, you will learn how to interact with others, something that you may have forgotten over time.

Family programme

We will work hard to help both you and the people you love overcome the illness that is threatening the survival of your family unit.


Helping you to change your way of thinking, and in turn change how you act. We will delve deep into your past to get to the root cause of your addiction.

12 Step

You will have a place where you can talk to others who know what you have been through and who will understand the issues that you experience daily.


A way to change your way of thinking, meditation allows you to take control of your state of mind. It is a Buddhist practice that encourages a sense of calm.

Don’t waste another day on addiction

We will assess your condition and offer you the most suitable programme to let you detox and heal from your addiction, improving your health and help you reestablish the relationships with the ones you love.

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Call Now 0203 553 0618

Call Now 0203 553 0618

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    Strict client confidentiality policy is in place.

    Lifetime support

    On completing treatment we offer lifetime support for your recovery.

    Don’t waste another day on addiction
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    Call Now 0203 553 0618

    Call Now 0203 553 0618

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