Drug Rehab: When Do We Need Help?

Drug rehab is necessary if you have found yourself struggling with mood-altering substances such as heroin, cocaine, or prescription medication. At Banbury Lodge, we provide comprehensive drug rehab programmes that will help you get to the root cause of your illness and teach you how to overcome this illness and move on to a substance-free life.

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a programme that is designed to help you identify the issues that caused your illness in the first place. It takes place in a non-judgemental and therapeutic environment where you will be encouraged to delve deep into your life to get to the issues that led you to this point.

Drug rehab involves extensive treatment programmes that will help you to learn what triggers your addictive behaviour. You will learn how to avoid these triggers going forward and will be taught various coping skills to ensure you can maintain your sobriety for the long-term.

Can Drug Rehab Help Me Overcome My Addiction?

Drug addiction is an illness of the brain, and it is one that develops over time. You should be aware therefore that overcoming your addiction will also take time. Having said that, we want you to know that it is possible for you to end your abuse of drugs for good and go on to live a sober life permanently. This is possible with a comprehensive recovery programme that includes drug rehab.

Your addiction is likely broken into a physical and a psychological addiction. To overcome your physical addiction, it is probable that you will need a detox programme before attempting drug rehab. Detox is a natural process that occurs when you stop taking drugs. It is possible to detox at home but to ensure your comfort and safety at all times, it is best that this process takes place in a dedicated facility under careful supervision from fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Once you have completed your detox, you can get to work on the psychological addiction with a programme of drug rehab. At Banbury Lodge, we provide residential drug rehab programmes that will give you the opportunity to overcome your addiction in a period of around six to twelve weeks.

With support from a team of fully qualified, dedicated counsellors, therapists, doctors, and support staff, you can finally put your substance abuse behind you.

What Are the Benefits of Drug Rehab?

You are probably already aware of many of the negative consequences of drug addiction. This is an illness that leads to poor mental and physical health and is also linked to hundreds of different health conditions. In addition, your relationships with the people close to you have probably started to deteriorate. Maintaining healthy relationships can be almost impossible when your every thought and action is consumed by your addiction to drugs.

By accessing drug rehab, however, you can look forward to many benefits. For starters, your health will improve. For example, once you are no longer abusing mood-altering chemicals, you can look forward to having more energy and better sleep.

You will also learn how to enjoy a healthier and happier sober life with the help of staff at your rehab clinic. You will regain a sense of happiness and peace as well as the freedom to make good choices once more.

A big part of your rehab programme will involve learning how to put others first and to be honest with those you love. This will give you the opportunity to get your relationships back on track. You can learn how to find pleasure in people and other things once more and begin enjoying hobbies, music, work, family, and friends.

Overcoming your drug addiction will take time and patience, but with the right programme, you can put substance abuse behind you for good. You may believe that a substance-free life is beyond you right now, but we can assure you that it is not. The life that you can live will be better than you could ever have imagined.

We have seen many individuals who were sceptical of their ability to beat addiction and go on to live healthy and happy fulfilling lives, but we promise that you can beat it. All you need is a belief in yourself and support from a fully qualified team of individuals who are dedicated and passionate about helping you on your journey to sobriety. This is where Banbury Lodge comes in.

Rehab with Banbury Lodge

If you choose to enter a programme of drug rehab with us, you can expect to leave your everyday life and move into our clinic for the duration of your treatment. The benefit of this is that you will have access to around-the-clock care and support and you will not have to worry about the temptations and triggers that are associated with day-to-day living.

Our clinic has been decorated to a very high standard, ensuring your complete comfort at all times. We know that if you are comfortable with your surroundings then you are more likely to focus on recovery. You will have a private room, but there are shared spaces within the clinic for dining and recreational purposes.

You can expect to get your own programme of care when you arrive. This treatment plan will be created with just you in mind. One of our staff members will provide a full assessment of your situation to determine how severe your addiction is and what type of treatments will suit you best.

Your rehab programme will include elements of traditional counselling and therapy sessions as well as relapse prevention and life and work skills. We also offer holistic therapies to improve your overall wellbeing and to reduce stress levels.

What Is a Typical Day in Rehab Like?

Every rehab provider is different in terms of how they run their programmes. With some, you will have very little free time, but others allow you some time to yourself each day, provided you use this time constructively.

Inpatient treatment programmes are structured and concentrated over the course of around six to twelve weeks. Most programmes last between six and eight weeks but if you have more complex needs, your programme might last longer.

Daily routines tend to include group therapy and individual counselling sessions, along with seminars and workshops. There will be set meal times and you may have time to familiarise yourself with recovery materials such as books, videos, and online courses.

There could also be time for recreation and exercise, with some rehab clinics having a gym, a swimming pool and/or entertainment rooms.

The heart of your treatment will be counselling and therapy sessions where you will learn all about drug addiction and why some people are affected while others are not. One-on-one sessions with a counsellor or therapist will give you the opportunity to explore the issues that caused your addiction in the first place.

You will be encouraged to delve into your history to get to the root cause of your illness, and you will learn all about tools that will help you to stay sober when you leave rehab. Group therapy sessions will take place with other recovering addicts, and here you can share your thoughts and experiences with others. Group therapy sessions give you the opportunity to learn more about how drug addiction affects people. You can use these sessions as a way to learn from the mistakes of others.

Is There Help for My Family?

While the main priority of a drug rehab programme is to help you overcome your addiction, your family can also benefit. Drug addiction is a family illness and your loved ones have undoubtedly been negatively affected by the illness that has been systematically destroying your life.

With family therapy, your family will get a chance to deal with the issues that have been having a negative impact on their lives. Family involvement is important when it comes to drug rehab as it helps everyone to overcome the illness.

Family therapy as part of a drug rehab programme might include individual, couples, or family therapy sessions. These sessions help your loved ones to understand more about addiction and the process of recovery. It will also give them the opportunity to ask questions and to learn how to adapt when you return home from your treatment programme.

A good programme will also encourage your family members to get involved with a support group within the local community where they can regularly meet other families going through the same situation.

Who Pays for Drug Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation programmes are provided free by the NHS and charity organisations or they are paid-for and provided by private clinics. Your initial preference may be to avail of a free programme, and while there are some excellent free services available in all parts of the UK, accessing them can be difficult.

There is a huge demand for NHS-run programmes as well as those provided by charity organisations. The demand for these services means that long waiting lists tend to be the norm. Waiting for treatment when you have finally made the decision to get well can be a major challenge and can be a massive problem for some people.

Most experts agree that it is best to get started on a programme of recovery while you are motivated to overcome your addiction. Being forced to wait for a place on a rehab programme could see you losing the desire to access treatment and mean that you spiral even further down the path of addiction.

This is where private treatment can come into its own. Most private clinics can offer you a place on their programme within hours. This means that you could get started on your recovery journey almost immediately.

You also have the benefit of knowing that most private clinics offer residential programmes, which are widely accepted as being the fastest way to achieve permanent sobriety. The fact that there is a cost involved may deter some individuals, but the reality is that most treatment programmes pay for themselves within months.

The sooner you achieve permanent sobriety, the easier it will be for you to start saving money. You will no longer be funding your addiction and you will be in a much better position to start earning a regular income again.

You should also know that some rehab clinics offer payment plans to make it easier for patients to spread the cost of their treatment, and if you have health insurance, you may be able to apply for treatment under your own plan.

What Do I Do When Rehab Is Over?

If you are considering a programme of inpatient drug rehab, you will be aware that you will stay in the clinic for several weeks until your programme concludes. But what happens then?

Many people worry about how they will cope with the transition back to normal everyday life when their programme of treatment has finished. After all, the temptations and triggers that existed before treatment will still be there.

What you should know is that you will have plenty of support when your treatment programme ends. The recovery journey does not stop with the completion of your programme of care. In fact, here at Banbury Lodge, we provide up to one year of aftercare support to patients who complete a programme of rehabilitation with us.

This support may come in the form of regular meetings with your counsellor or therapist, or phone contact as and when you need it. In addition, we will help you take advantage of the resources that are available within your own community.

We believe that fellowship support groups are an essential part of the recovery process and as such, we use fundamentals of 12-step work in our programmes. We will also encourage you to join your local support group to help with continued maintenance of your sobriety when you leave the comfort and security of our clinic.

To find out more about drug rehab with Banbury Lodge, please call today and speak to one of our friendly advisors.

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