You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. – Margaret Thatcher
Our Ethos

At Fenton House, our aim is to provide world-class personalised care that is tailored to the exact needs of each individual client, so that they can begin their long-term recovery.

The first year of recovery from any type of addiction is the most difficult, and it’s important that the transition back to “normal” life should be made with structure, support and supervision. Clients continuing their recovery in a comfortable and caring environment greatly increases the likelihood of successful abstinence.

We strongly believe in holistic treatment, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery, with our dedicated team of professionals working closely together to ensure a seamless and effective service.

Spiritual and Mental Recovery

Our team provide psycho-social intervention treatments such as CBT, DBT and Mindfulness medication, designed to encourage positive thinking and self-acceptance. At Fenton House we believe recovery starts with the self, and by dealing with the underlining thought processes that drive addiction, individuals are better placed to make good long-lasting decisions.

Our team of highly trained professionals will work with the individual needs of the client to ensure no stone is left unturned, giving them maximum opportunities to thrive outside of the recovery facility.

We are so confident in what we do, we provide 1 year’s free aftercare to mitigate any potential risk from relapse.

Physical Recovery

Our on-site fitness trainers and chefs work round-the-clock to provide meal plans and health programmes that will encourage our clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Addiction is a dangerous and deadly disease, and we want to show our clients that they have the power to make better choices, helping them achieve the healthier lifestyle they desire. We have complete faith in our team at Fenton House, and believe they have the means to help every addict that comes through our doors to heal and embrace a brand new life, free from addiction.

You can view an extensive list of our services and treatments here.

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Call Now 0203 553 0618

Call Now 0203 553 0618

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