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Why Choose Fenton House?

At Fenton House, we believe that rehab works best when treatment is long-term and holistic, ultimately helping clients maintain a healthy and happy recovery. With this in mind, we have created a safe, confidential and supportive environment within which this change-process can unfold. Attention to detail, expert help from our dedicated staff and individualised case management are what makes Fenton House the ideal place for our clients to continue their journey to recovery.


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  • 1 year’s free aftercare
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Call Now 0203 553 0618

Call Now 0203 553 0618

Call Now 0203 553 0618

I got help.

Fenton House was just what I needed, after completing the rehab programme I needed extra help in returning to work and finding accommodation. The extended recovery programme has definitely helped bridge the gap between admission and returning to a normal life.

Our promise to you

We are passionate about helping others, which is why we will provide the very best support for you and your loved ones. Our confidential support is available 24/7. We also provide a year of free aftercare so you and a loved one can return to a normal and fulfilling life.

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Call Now 0203 553 0618
Call Now 0203 553 0618

Call Now 0203 553 0618

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Unit in Halstead, Essex

Fenton House is a short-stay recovery house, situated in the restful surroundings of Halstead, Essex and sits just a stones-throw away from our Sanctuary Lodge private rehab clinic. This detached family home comes equipped with five bedrooms and its own private gardens, as well as communal kitchens and lounges, all the while being close to London and very accessible from the rest of the UK.

Fenton House is a UKAT facility designed to help clients transition back into their daily lives following their rehab treatment.

We provide our clients with a range of recovery-focused care in a safe and welcoming setting, offering both emotional and practical support on a one-to-one basis and in group sessions.

Here at Fenton House, our dedicated team of addiction treatment professionals will help clients develop their own recovery plans and can get support from the treatment team whenever needed. They will receive help to establish their own coping skills, build their resilience and take control of their lives.

Clients at Fenton House are offered a wide range of benefits that will help them continuing recovery from their addiction. Typical benefits include: increased structure and rules to help keep themselves sober; a safe environment - including a place to sleep, fire alarms, and locked doors; regular drug testing to help ensure everyone in the home is sober; fully-trained support staff members that help keep client focused on recovery and other mandatory requirements, such as attending 12-step meetings, part time work, or volunteer work.

The environment at Fenton House, although still part of the recovery process, is considerably less structured and rigorously controlled than a rehab facility. Essentially, we aim to create a stable and non-restrictive environment in which people can grow and adapt to an addiction-free life.

Transitioning to a recovery home is a beneficial step after completing inpatient treatment, or while enrolled in an outpatient treatment program. We are an extremely invaluable resource for those who require a little more structure in their lives, while still maintaining a certain amount of freedom.

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  • Fenton House,
  • Box Mill Lane,
  • Halstead, Essex,
  • CO9 2DR
  • United Kingdom

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